Sinco, Francis Brylle

Sangay ng UP: Diliman
Buong Pangalan ng Guro: Francis Brylle Sinco
Asignatura: Math 100 substitute for 2 weeks
Paglalarawan at Rekomendasyon: Mabilis mag-explain si sir. At minsan, nakaka-aliw abangan ang mga isusuot niya araw-araw. Hahaha! Meron kasi siyang “distinct” fashion sense. Hahaha! OK naman siya for students who can keep up with his speed. I guess he will be of great help to those who can keep up with him. Pero for slow learners like me, I won’t recommend him. 
Rating: 6 /10

Sino ang paniniwalaan mo?


“Yung iba laboring class! Tayo, creme of the crop!

-Sir Brillo, Sosc2.

“Because you are from UP, you think you are better!

-Sir Gupa, SPCM1.

Aricheta, Vicman

Sangay ng UP: UP Diliman
Buong Pangalan ng Guro: Vicman Arichecta
Asignatura: Math 17
Paglalarawan at Rekomendasyon: He graduated only last year, and this is his second year of teaching. Despite his very young age (20), he’s a extremely good at his profession. He explains each topic clearly, but without pressuring his students, being an ex-student himself; he understands them. And you can see how much he just loves his subject. He is having fun with it by crossing over Math 17 with other unrelated topics, like Harry Potter. One time, after he was done explaining the graph of a function and its inverse, he drew a smiley face and then proceeded to draw tentacles (that looked more like broom ends) and head fins. According to him it was a kraken.

Rating: 9.8/10

"At the beginning of the relationship, it is the meeting of the heart, later in life it would be the meeting of the mind."

— Prof. Nenita Tapay, SOSC1, UPLB (via piggynykee)

Viloria, Victorino B.

Sangay ng UP: UP Diliman
Buong Pangalan ng Guro: Professor Victorino
Asignatura: Math 11
Paglalarawan at Rekomendasyon: Nung isang araw sa Math 11, may nagdala ng gitara. Pinakanta niya yung kaklase ko sa harap. Pagkatapos nun sabi niya, sige lahat na tayo kumanta hindi na ako magkklase. =)))) Pero magaling siya magturo! Hindi tamad. Promise! :D
Rating: 11/10

Kumusta ang mga date niyo sa class ni Sir OJ Serquina?

O, di maka-relate yung iba. Share niyo naman dito.


Sa Math class namin kanina (non-verbatim) :

Sir Neil Dizon: If you fail, it does not mean that you are a failure.


"The day you start caring about your grades is the day you stop learning. A card of excellence is just a piece of paper. It will rot. But the knowledge you get because you wanted to learn—that’s yours forever, or you could pass it on."

— A UPM Professor (Undisclosed identity)

bawal mag sit-in!
from Narinig ko sa UP (Overheard at UP) http: //
Anonymous UPLB Instructor: Anong apelyido mo? Bakit dyan ka nakaupo? Estudyante ba kita? Hindi kita estudyante? Labas!
Students: Sir, technician po yan.
Hahaha. Kawawa naman si kuyang operator ng projector. : ))
-- i wonder what the reaction of the instructor is. rule number one, never assume. FAIL!